Humboldt Farm THC Cartridges

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We use premium Humboldt-grown cannabis and a food-grade extraction process to make the oil for our cartridges. Each batch is distilled and lab-tested for purity and consistency before introducing our strain-specific blends of cannabis-derived and natural terpenes. The result is a more potent product that maintains the flavor and integrity of each strain.


Located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Farms’ motto is “choose kindly – for yourself, for those around you, for the planet we all share.” Their philosophy is that cannabis plays a vital role in the health and wellness of individuals, our communities, and the planet.

Humboldt Farms oil cartridges and rosin concentrates are made using a gentle, solvent-free cold water hash extraction process and lab tested to ensure quality, purity, and potency.

3 reviews for Humboldt Farm THC Cartridges

  1. cejidaf

    Shop now, avoid the rush! I’m so certain these pens will ‘vaporize’ that I bought one of each.

  2. hasa

    This color and style really ties the room together. I love the way it pulls and other people are always asking me to see my Vessel, I think I have sold 3 or 4 already to friends like these.

  3. tevixopel

    I tried it for the first time in a social setting where 4 or 5 of us shared it around. Everyone had a similar experience, a rich, full draw.

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